Help: examples of using illustreets


Search anywhere in England

You can begin by simply searching for a city, address, or postcode anywhere in England.

In the screenshot here you can see a simple search for London.
Click on it to enlarge the image.

Filter map by house prices and rents

If you want to know where exactly you can afford to live, just use the filtering tool.

Here we set it to show only the neighbourhoods where the average rent for 1 bedroom flats is under £750 inclusive. The area covered with stripes is the one that’s been filtered out.

Show London Tube lines

If public transport is important for you, you can select the option to show the Tube lines (Copyright © Google Maps and providers). Then start hovering over the map to find an affordable and nice area to live in, close to the train lines.

You can set the number of bedrooms on the 'House prices, by Nestoria' gauge on the left. In our example, we found a good neighbourhood, where the average rent for 1 bedroom flats is around £775.

Estimate travelling distance and time

Just hover over the map until you find an area where you can afford to live, and then use the travel estimator, based on Google Directions (Copyright © Google Maps and providers). Click on the map or type in the addresses.

Here, we found a location with a good standard of living and low crime rate (point A) where the average rent for 1 bedroom flats is £705. Say, if you travel daily to Central London, use the travel estimator with the Public Transport option to check how long it would take you to get there. In our example, it looks like a journey by train takes under one hour.

Integrated satellite view

You can zoom in if you wish, and then use the satellite view to see how the area looks like in reality. (Copyright © Google Maps and providers)

Integrated street-level imagery

You can also use Street View (Copyright © Google Maps). Just click on the camera button in the tools pane, then click on the map.

Full neighbourhood details

Now, it’s time to get all the details about the area. Close the travel estimator or the Street View pane if either is open, and then click on the map. All that’s left to do now is to read through all those tabs.

Once you’re done, you can click anywhere else on the map, go back to the main map view, filter, search – the possibilities for exploration are endless. Once you found a few areas that you like, just copy their address / postcode and use your favourite property portal to find properties there.