Property news digest 4-10 November 2013

Investment in Britain’s infrastructure in the context of increased export targets

The government’s accelerated investment in Britain’s infrastructure encapsulates 118 kilometres of Crossrail, 400kph high speed rail link, £6 billion poured into the road networks, and a super-fast broadband network. The full scale of the £100 billion project will be outlined at the Autumn Statement in December. Are these the first seeds planted ahead of the new industrial revolution about to unravel?

The calls for creating more value outside the London financial market resonate with the British natural predisposition to inventiveness and its tradition in trade. Along with the push to double the exports by 2020, at present progress is made on an almost weekly basis for internal infrastructure projects: a free Wi-Fi network went live in parts of Birmingham City centre, rural areas in Kent and Oxfordshire are set to get gigabit-speed internet, whilst in Essex churches spires will act as antenna transmitting superfast broadband across the district of Uttlesford.

Nothing new in the news about gazumping

Speaking of London, the good, the bad, and the ugly of the property boom – well, mostly the latter – follow their course. The Telegraph is reporting that the much hated practice of gazumping is back with a vengeance, whilst wannabe landlords may be facing a mortgage hike.

With the current shortage of suitable housing, news about property regeneration and new developments can only be good news. According to Specification Online, the 50 years old Alma Estate in Ponders End in the London Borough of Enfield will be part of a regeneration project, whilst 1,800 new homes are to be built in Scotswood, in a redevelopment project worth £265m.

Good news also for the families with children living in the catchment areas of schools eligible for the Priority School Building programme: after a long delay, the Education Funding Agency has issued a contract notice for the first batch of privately financed schools in Hertfordshire, Luton and Reading. For those not familiar with the programme, a good Q&A page is available via

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