House prices in England: the long-run growth

Map showing the growth of house prices in England over the last 10 years

This is an interactive map of England, showing the compound rate at which the house prices have grown over 10 years. It is based on price data published in Land Registry’s House Price Index background tables, seasonally adjusted and smoothed.

In order to accurately represent the long-term growth of house prices on the map, we calculate the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for each region and county/local authority available in Land Registry’s tables. For an explanation of why we chose this method, please read more below the map.

Switch the layers to show different periods between 2004 and 2013. It’s interesting to see that in the first five years it was Northern England that experienced the highest growth…

London house prices: evolution over 13 years

Best places to live in england

This is an animated map of London, showing the increase in average property value between 2000 and 2013. Also, the chart on the left shows the evolution of average house prices in a borough of your choice, compared against London’s overall.

Just pick a borough, press the play button, and watch! By default, the chart shows the average house prices for Islington vs. London. You can use the selector at the top of the map to change the borough. Since this is a map, you can zoom and pan as usual, but I would recommend to do that when the animation is not running.

Some more notes on using the map, as well as on the data used, are available below the map. If you like this app, then you should definitely check our location explorer…

England crime map: annual crime rates

Advanced crime map

Here is an interactive crime map of England. It lets you search for any address or city, for instance London or SW19, change the category of crime displayed on the map, and hover over / click on any area. The charts will show the total crime rate and the annual rates for each category of crime, as recorded in 2012.

When clicking on the charts, the click will go ‘trough’ the chart straight on the map; the same happens when hovering over them. This is a feature, not a bug, to make the map easier to use on smaller screens. For more information continue reading below. If you like it, then you should definitely check the explorer.

There are over 30,000 neighbourhoods on the map. The green to red colour palette represents the crime rate in each neighbourhood, from low to high…