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Just as we celebrate the second month of existence, we release another major update to our location explorer for England. Most of it is the result of the feedback received – thank you for it! There are countless features on our roadmap; however, they get prioritised based on your preferences. Please do get in touch via the contact form or the feedback forum as usual.

The first important part of our update is the addition of price paid information. We aggregate on the fly all the residential property transactions in England, going back to 2009, and show averages for each postcode district. You can find this information under the ‘Sold prices’ tab. Of course, this section is still very much work in progress like all the others, and with help from you we will enhance it even further.

Sold prices by postcode district

Sold prices by postcode district

Now, some details about the second part of our update. It seems that our schools section is being used by a larger proportion of users than we expected. As a result of the requests received over the past few weeks, each school now has a section for Key Stage results.

School performance results

School performance results

Thank you all for your suggestions, support, and encouragement.

Happy exploring!

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Manuel Timita

Co-Founder and Lead Designer at illustreets
Manuel is a UX designer, developer, mapping enthusiast, and part-time Open University student. He loves his girlfriend, England, most Asian and European cuisines, JavaScript, cats, French authors, alternative music, The Witcher, red wine, and The Matrix. Runs on coffee by the gallon and Garibaldi biscuits.

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