Update: new crime data. Violent crime as a map layer, crime trends, and more

Switch between standard of living and violent crime rate

Just a month ago we released the first important update to Illustreets for 2014.

Then, in a couple of weeks, with the latest Land Registry data becoming available, we updated the ‘Sold prices’ section and also released an interactive map showing the compound growth of house prices in England over the past 10 years.

However, there was one particular dataset which we have been eagerly awaiting for: the recorded crime for December 2013.

This was the last bit that we needed in order to have the complete, three-year set of recorded crime data for England…

Update: smaller geographical areas, rich overview page, new stats, and much more

Rich area overview page on illustreets

Whilst in the past the map was split in over 32,000 census neighbourhoods, now it has 172,000 smaller areas. This allows us to show the information related to households and residents in a more granular fashion (though the geography for crime, standard of living, and asking prices remains the same).

A complete snapshot of the area is now available under the ‘Overview’ tab. This was perhaps the single most important feature that we always wanted: to show as complete a picture as possible using just one page. The map colours simply don’t do justice to many of the places across England, which otherwise are very livable.

Now we’ve done it! You can find almost everything you’d want to know about an area with just a click on the map and a quick glance at the first tab…

Illustreets gets more features

School performance results

Just as we celebrate the second month of existence, we release another major update to our location explorer for England. Most of it is the result of the feedback received – thank you for it! There are countless features on our roadmap; however, they get prioritised based on your preferences. Please do get in touch via the contact form or the feedback forum as usual.

The first important part of our update is the addition of price paid information. We aggregate on the fly all the residential property transactions in England, going back to 2009, and show averages for each postcode district. You can find this information under the ‘Sold prices’ tab.

Of course, this section is still very much work in progress like all the others, and with help from you we will enhance it even further…

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