About illustreets

So, dear user, what’s this all about…

illustreets aims help you discover the best places to live in England, whether you know which area you want to move to, or on the contrary, don’t have any idea at all. To achieve this, we take a massive amount of open data and put it in a geographic context so that you can gauge as much as possible about a specific area’s character. The closest you can come to getting a feel of the area before actually visiting it.

Given England’s cultural, economic and social diversity, there are sometimes huge differences even between locations that are geographically close to each other. There is something for everyone. We hope that the map and the information attached to it will help you compare between different areas. Since this map is for you, you may want to tell us what you wish to see on it – if so, pretty please leave some feedback.

Three important questions about Illustreets answered. More to follow soon…

What exactly is it? An interactive map, coloured, depending on which view you have selected, by standard of living and crime rate. Underneath the colour lies detailed information about each point on the map; you just need to click on it, and read on.

How we’ve done it? We compiled open data from a variety of sources, including, but not limited, to: Nestoria.co.uk, Office for National Statistics, Ordnance Survey, Gov.uk, Police.uk, Environmental Agency, Department for Transport, Department for Education. Mind you, all the information that we provide is for reference only; any purchasing decisions you make should be based on hard facts.

Why we’ve done it? So that you don’t have to put too much effort travelling around, viewing all the properties on your list – you can rule out at least some of them. Why shy away from moving to a different city or part of the country because you cannot afford to travel to do all the viewings? Hopefully, this tool will help you to at least narrow down a substantial list of properties of interest which you might have. It is, basically, about finding out whether the location where you want to move is close to what you want.

Happy browsing,

The illustreets.co.uk team
September 2013


This app and its features would not have been even close to being possible without a trove of open and freely available data, and some amazing Open Source software. The following list only scratches the surface:


Nestoria.co.uk Literally, in the UK market and a few other ones around the world, you can’t find better and easier to access property data than that which these guys provide through their API.

Office for National Statistics Any statistics that one can think of, for any geographic area in England and Wales.

Police.uk Many have slated this initiative, many more have praised it. Long story short, even if the recorded crime is not that much of a reliable indicator, it makes a lot of sense in cross-area comparisons.

Open Source Software:

CartoDB One clever platform, available standalone or as PaaS / SaaS, will take a mountain of geospatial data and put it on a map in literally minutes, giving it a whole new life. A very colourful life.

Meteor JS The definition of bleeding-edge in the world of Javascript frameworks.

Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone.js, good old faithful jQuery, Amplify JS, Raphaël, Modernizr, and so many more…

A big thank you to all of them!

The illustreets.co.uk team
September 2013